Diet plan for harder erections

Aleena Oct 30 2018 at 12:32 PM

Enough of 10 random foods being thrown in a single list without a clear diet strategy. brings to you diet plan that you can follow regularly for harder erections.

These foods increase blood flow in the body and the blood circulation to the penis improves drastically.

Things to note before starting-

1. One rule of thumb would be to eat food with only 1 ingredient and stay away from preserved food which is heavily processed.

2. Forget about pleasing your taste buds and eat tasty food, taste buds are not going to give you great sex! In Fact, they don’t help you do anything. So why to waste money and energy and something that’s not going to give you anything? Instead focus on pleasing the cells in your body and give them the energy, so that they can provide that energy to you during sex.

3. Plan, plan, plan! We can’t stress this enough. Plan what you are going to eat hours prior to the time. Because what happens when you are hungry and you don’t find anything to eat? You open food delivery apps on your phone that lure you into their cheesy gifs. To avoid that from happening, plan what healthy snack you are going to eat this evening.

4. Tasty fast foods are great for time being pleasure, but in the long run the same food is going to affect the quality of your erections and if you overindulge in such food, you can even fall prey to serious erectile dysfunction i.e the condition of your penis never getting an erection. So think what you are going to put in your body accordingly.

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Let’s kickstart the whole day diet plan you are here for-

A) Breakfast-

For breakfast, strike a healthy balance between proteins and fats to improve your sexual performance.

For that, eat 1 boiled egg and a bowl of oats for breakfast.

I know oats are kinda bland and absolutely not likable. But it’s filled with fibre that keeps your blood vessels smooth and stretchy.

Sprinkle your egg with some rock salt and pepper for an improved taste.

End your breakfast with a big cuppa coffee that will relax the veins that carry blood inside the penis and increase the blood flow. Which is practically the same thing as the pills people take for erectile dysfunction.

B) Lunch-

After lunch period is always extremely lazy, you constantly feel drowsy and wanna nap. To avoid that, you need energy. Energy packed lunch should be your goal.

For lunch, you can rely on our “one true love”-Chicken.

Chicken is a lean protein and also contains niacin which an acid that’s great for the health of your penis.

The high amounts of protein that chicken provides a huge boost to your overall body functions and gives you high energy for sex.

C) Snacks-

If you feel like binging on junk food, just don’t. It’s extremely bad for the health of your penis. Instead here’s a better snack option for all those who wish for harder erections.

Have a huge bar of dark chocolate with you for the times you crave for a tasty snack.

Dark chocolate is made of raw cocoa and raw cocoa contains nitric oxide which greatly helps in increasing blood flow.

And by this time, you should know that increased blood flow leads to stronger erections.

If you wanna have fruits, load up on these two-

I) Bananas-

You may have heard, walnuts look like your brain so they are good for your brains.

And the whole world knows what a banana looks like. *wink*

Mr.K (Potassium) present in bananas increases the flow of blood.

Just imagine a water slide….yeah that water flow is the blood flow in your body.

And we just saw increased blood flow=bigger erection. Simple.

II) Watermelon-

*Super food alert*

Watermelon does help in boosting penis size. Big claim!

Allow us to explain…..

That big, loaded fruit comes with an amino acid called Citrulline *ooh sexy word*.

This citrulline when goes into your body and gets converted into Arginine.

This arginine improves blood circulation into the penis. Enough said.

D) Dinner-

Dinner is the main meal after which you got to perform. So strictly stay away from sugary food as it will make you feel less energetic and send your brain into a lazy overdrive and you will start feeling sleepy.

And no one wants that before a big night of terrific sex, right?

Also limit rice, bread and potatoes consumption during night time. They have a similar effect too.

Stick to a combination of chicken and vegetables like spinach and tomatoes.

The L-arginine in chicken will help relax your arteries and help supply more blood flow to your penis.

While tomatoes and spinach will do the same and increase blood circulation.


Stick to food that your penis will love and that will make your partner love your penis.

Avoid smoking and alcohol that cause blockage in the blood vessels that supplies blood to your penis.

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