Exciting details into how do penis pump work…..

Aleena Oct 30 2018 at 12:04 PM

Penis pumps are a one-stop solution to every man’s big penis dreams. They are safe and most importantly,

They show results.

Men who use them regularly and consistently do see an increase in their size and thickness.

In this post, we are going to check out how does penis pump do that? What magical powers it has to change your penis?

So let’s go……

To understand how a penis pump work for penis growth, first you will have to understand how does a penis grow?

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There are two chambers inside the penis called the called the corpora cavernosa. And these two are made of spongy tissues.

When a man gets sexually turned on, his brains send a signal through the nerves. Through the signal that the brain sends, a rush of blood flows to the penis. That gives a man an erection.

This inflow of blood gets collect in these spongy tissues which expand to hold more blood. Remember, they already have blood even when a man has no erection.

But during an erection, these tissues expand itself to collect more blood inside them. More collected blood gives fuller penis and grows the penis in size.

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Now coming back to penis pumps.

Penis pumps are cylindrical pumps that is supposed to be worn over the penis. After wearing it over penis, men need to manually create suction inside the pump by pressing it down close to their bodies.

This movement sucks the air out of the pump and what remains inside is the solid suction power that affects the penis.

This suction forces a lot of blood from the body to be drawn into the penis. Due to the increased blood flow, the tissues have to expand twice its size to accommodate the blood inside them.

Once they do that, penis gets filled with thick, healthy blood and it enlarges to grow to its maximum size and thickness.

Now you may be thinking is it a one time thing?

Not really. Here’s the science behind it.

When this whole process is done regularly everyday, it causes serious changes in the penis because of the exercise your penis is going through.

Some penis pumps use air while some use water to create the suction. Both work on the same suction principle but water gives a safe and more powerful suction than air.

Both air and water pumps work the same way provided that they are of good quality and from a reputed brand.

We hope it was clear to you how a penis pump work and how it will work for your penis.

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